Toni L.

"My experience of Danielle Galakatos Goldsmith and her class was a feeling of being safe as she
held the space for healing and teaching.

She is earth Momma, you can feel her love and caring,
so there is a sense of trust right out the gate. She is pragmatic in her approach, her message being
sensible and practical that one can understand and easily integrate.

I felt the other participants
relax too and we all shared from the heart that led to a community of women supporting each
other. You don't find that too often; someone like
her that can facilitate trust and caring and deep
wisdom so easily. I greatly admire her and am grateful for all that I learned." 


Ruby D.

"I  waited a little while to write this review because I wanted to feel into the rest of my week and give Danielle’s thought-provoking session a chance to influence my responses.

I felt geared up and ready by our group session which is a little more impressive to me that it’s Mercury Retrograde. She had me thinking outside my box and as I took that into my day to day, I was able to remind myself to surrender and know beyond my fear that the universe has me. The group setting really helped me because I could see her love and care with others and how they
have grown as a result. I’m still really new but seeing this told me all I needed to know, that I am in good loving hands with her.

Thank you Danielle Galakatos Goldsmith for being you. I love you"


Tina R.

"I was really reluctant to go on a call. Talking about certain things is hard for me in any setting. I
finally made it into my first call. Suddenly I am having one "Ah-HA!" moment after the other. I'm "lighter"; for having discussed things I've recounted a million times but Never dealt with emotions involved. This is something that I am not only doing for myself, but my family, friends &  loved ones. They suffer a lot from my hang ups. Blame, guilt, anger, worry - Control... I understand what the others on the call are going through.

My "things" are different BUT they are
the same. I's easier to talk to people who you know also understand. It's also nice to know that if I need one on one time, it's available, of course - but these group calls, to me, seem much more effective. They make you REALLY see that you're not alone. People who do things that I admire and respect do go through similar enough "things" in the same way and struggle just like me.

That is the most helpful aspect of this call for me, maybe. I don't have to figure this out on my own. I';m not alone and I'm not crazy. Most of all, I am ready to be free of the emotional baggage and I've found an extremely good program in Danielle's coaching classes that I'm confident is going to be a game changer for everybody in my life, especially myself."


Chrissy K.

"Had I not met Danielle in another group and started working with her and her giving me the
tools to talk myself down and trust in my personal faith in God that he will provide a way for us, I would be in the bathroom right now having a complete come apart.

I have a strong faith and it
sees me through, but for many years I clouded that faith with doubt and fear and I didn’t understand that my own thoughts paralyzed faith and kept me from receiving my blessing. Until I started working with Danielle, I didn’t realize what my own thoughts were doing to my life She put it in a way that I understood what so many pastors had said for years, but, for some reason, I didn’t get it. I learned to dig deep and I’m still learning how to dig deep and I find with each session a new perspective on things.

Danielle you are a blessing to me and I thankful I met
you and appreciate the tools you have given me to have a better understanding of myself. A simple change of mindset can absolutely make the difference in your situation. In all things no matter how bleak be grateful there is always something to be grateful for no matter what. Have a great day and please stay home and stay safe.”


Stacy C.

"A few months ago, I signed on with Danielle and her sister Alexia for a health and wellness program that included something called ZOOM calls. I had no idea what they were, but they ended up being some of the most meaningful hours I’ve ever had with other women — women Ihad never even met before.

We all just got on our phones, most of us in our jammies or sweats, and had video chats — with zero judgment and 100% support. What I discovered is that no matter what stage of the game we’re in, or what we’re going through in our personal lives, we, as women, are so much more alike than we are different.

The comfort that brought was indescribable. These calls reminded each one of us that we never have to go it alone, and that if we’re willing to be just a little vulnerable, we’ll see that we have many more girls on our team than we ever imagined! I truly can’t wait to be part of the next round of calls. If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll take a leap of faith and join in! I guarantee it’ll be one of the best hours of your day"


Suzanne R.

Yesterday was a time I was very nervous about. I know there are shadow places I have hidden so deep down. One of them is from 28 years ago. Danielle guided us in such a way, I did not even realize was there until the tears started. I feel lighter and feel like I surrendered and let go of some very old pain. My husband, who is a
school counselor, was part of the Zoom meeting. Afterwards, he said, “She is fantastic,” and said
that she used strategies us uses every day with his students. He also wanted to know how come
I listened to her when he has told me the same things. I explained, he has to love me and be nice,
Danielle doesn’t. Others sharing their stories really helped remind me we are not alone in our
shadows and pain.

WOW WOW WOW!!! Trust in the process. I will be doing ALL of them! Crazy good coach!”